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Due to the delay, I decided that customizations are necessary. After sifting through many images, two images were identified and merged into one. Additions of personalized touches such as the emblems and the torn papyrus on the cover were necessary. The torn paper on the cover was inspired by me idling not knowing what to do. The A-ha moment happened as I was idling and tearing up sheets of paper. The author liked the idea and it was implemented on the back which stretched like a panoramic scene.

The selection of photos in was inspired by Hell's Half Acre in Wyoming where the movie Starship Troopers was filmed in 1997. It was the backdrop for the alien planet Klendathu inhabited by gargantuan, vicious, fighting war bugs. To those who haven't heard of or experienced Hell's Half Acre, the name would suggest a small parcel of land, but in fact the "half acre" encompasses more than 300 acres in the middle of the Wyoming prairie, flanked by mountains and valleys. It was naturally sculpted into nightmarish chaos with jagged rock spires. The elements of design such as line, shape, color, texture and format as well as principles such as balance unity, visual hierarchy and figure/ground were considered and employed. The inside back cover of the book revealed a fold out map which showed the 7 kingdoms of the new world.

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